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ABB offers RoomTouch 4″ for intuitive room control

  • The innovative multifunctional touch display enables swipe blind control, tap lights action and personalized room scenes
  • Sleek design and user-friendly intuitive operation mirrors smartphone and tablets
  • New 4″ display can be used in conjunction with ABB interoperable smart home system, ABB-free@home® and KNX installations

ABB RoomTouch 4″ is a multifunctional touch display glass panel for the intelligent control of high-quality residential buildings, meeting rooms and offices, public buildings, and premium hotels. The latest version debuted at Light + Building, 3-8 March 2024, with an updated flat design and integration with the ABB-free@home® and ABB i-bus® KNX building automation system.

The new panels offer user-friendly, intuitive, and customizable interfaces from which all building functions can be easily controlled. By using gestures familiar to users of mobile phones and tablets such as tapping, swiping, and scrolling, users can open blinds with a swipe up or close them with a swipe down, to turn lights on or off with a tap, and to create personalized room scenes. The haptic vibration feedback and animated light guide add to the intuitiveness and smooth user experience.

ABB RoomTouch® 4’’ is sensor-controlled. The device has a proximity, temperature and brightness sensor as well as day and night modes. The multisensor has room temperature control for both heating and cooling. Function actions are displayed on up to 12 operating pages with haptic feedback and vibration during operation making interactions more intuitive and engaging. ABB RoomTouch® 4’’ integrates scene actuators, weekly timers, notifications, and logic functions with ABB-free@home® via the system access point as well as optionally with ABB i-bus® KNX system, using KNX as the standardised communication protocol for smart homes and buildings. This offers users enhanced control, customisation, and usability, contributing to a more comfortable, efficient, and convenient living, or working environment.

With its modern and flat design, the new ABB RoomTouch® 4’’, available in black and white colors, fits perfectly into any environment. The high-quality in-plane switching (IPS) display can be easily read from different viewing angles. This also allows installation at switch height.

Olaf Quittmann, Global Product Manager at ABB Electrification Smart Buildings said, “The new ABB RoomTouch® 4’’ covers all bases for the easy control of building functions and combines high-quality materials in a sleek flat design.Offering maximum functionality in just one standard switch box, ABB RoomTouch® 4’’ can be installed quickly and without special accessories. For users, the interactive interface makes it intuitive and engaging.”

ABB RoomTouch® 4’’ seamlessly complements the room control functionality of the established ABB RoomTouch® 5″ control panel, which can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation, serving as the primary control center for smart homes. Together, they deliver an integrated smart home experience, placing control conveniently at your fingertips – extending beyond a single central location to encompass individual rooms.

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