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trivum allows you to listen to music in 4 rooms with RP341v2 multiroom sound system

The RP341v2 is a complete multiroom sound system for 4 rooms: 4 streamers, 1 DAB+/FM tuner, AUX input and 4 stereo power amplifiers with 2×30 watts each are integrated.

The RP341v2 is completely integrated to KNX. It can be controlled via KNX buttons, G1/X1, visualisations (e.g. HomeServer), via the free trivum app or via any web browser.

The RP341v2 can be combined with other trivum devices. This means that music from internet radio, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, AirPlay, NAS or AUX can be heard in up to 64 rooms.

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