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Creative North Solution offers Dectorline range all-in-one sensors

detectorline® is a trademark of Creative-North-Solution GmbH . The product series includes all-in-one sensors – motion and presence detectors in one device – and features modern and timeless design which is almost invisible when installed flush with the ceiling.

Aimed at the most frustration-free and quick installation as possible, the detectorline series enables enormous time and cost savings.

The modular system of the detector offers universal, 4-way installation: flush-mounted, surface-mounted, ceiling installation and ceiling-flush.

The company’s promise of quality not only includes production ‘Made in Germany’, but also a small ecological footprint. All products are packaged plastic-free, manufactured and produced in Germany.

KNX versions of detectorline can include:

  • additional acoustic sensor giving optimally expandable area coverage
  • additional measurement of the ambient temperature; the relative humidity; of volatile organic compounds (VOC) / CO₂ equivalents

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