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KNX Association invites you to the KNX RF Multi Seminar

Hybrid event: 16 May 2023, 9:00am – 3:00pm

KNX Association has organised a KNX RF Multi Seminar on the 16th of May, where manufacturers will unveil their KNX RF Multi products which will become available this year.

The ETS Tool Manager will present ETS6 and its KNX RF Multi support in action.

The portfolio of KNX-certified devices is the largest of its kind; however, the majority of it uses Twisted Pair as a communication medium. There is a high demand for wireless solutions, and many use cases can benefit from devices that don’t require wires for communication. KNX RF is the perfect solution to integrate on its own or with KNX wired devices, especially now:

  • Segment couplers make the installation of KNX RF easier than ever before.
  • The KNX RF landscape has been enhanced with KNX RF Multi, providing enhanced reliability and power saving.

For participants joining in person, hands-on demonstrations will be available and at the end of the Q&A before lunch, three KNX RF Multi starter kits can be won when participating in a quiz. Each kit consists of:

  • ise KNX RF Multi USB Interface
  • ise KNX RF Multi/TP Media coupler
  • ise KNX RF Multi Thermostat, battery driven

This is a hybrid event, with limited in-person seats. Please register, free of charge, using the link below:

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