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Focus SB and Theben announce partnership

Focus SB, a multi-award winning British brand renowned for the design, development and manufacture of premium electrical wiring accessories, is pleased to announce its partnership with established high end brand Theben building automation, founded in 1921.

Tailored to the ‘digital’ contemporary market space, Focus SB’s beautifully finished retractive toggle and rocker switches offer an ideal complement to the existing Theben range of multi function iON KNX interfaces.

They also blend perfectly with KNX for high end residential and hospitality, creating a balance between easy, intuitive control for the end user and a KNX touch panel/visualisation for high function, in depth control of building wide systems whilst harmoniously matching across our power outlets.

Modular in construction products allow customer and installer choice, and are offered in a number of generic finish options, as well as the benefit of bespoke finish creation. There is also the possibility to laser mark text and iconography.

Paul Foulkes, KNX Business Manager for Theben UK says: “Focus SB and Theben are the epitome of style and substance. Between us we have over 140 years of experience in our fields, and now come together to offer beautiful designs with functionality and security.

“Each company understands the significance of their local manufacturing base, Focus SB in the UK and Theben in Germany. Bringing these skills and qualities together we can offer the customer an amazing choice of solutions for not only lighting control, but much further into full building automation. As a customer or end user you can have the confidence that with Focus SB and Theben your choice of controls will bring an added level of sophistication, functionality and value to your development.”

Duncan Ray, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Focus SB, comments: “We are excited to announce Focus SB’s partnership with Theben. We are looking forward to the ability to offer clients the beautiful aesthetics of Focus switches and metal finishes combined with premium lighting and building controls produced by Theben. The two companies share a number of synergies including local supply bases, highest quality products and years of knowledge.”

Focus SB products are certified as fully compatible with Theben AG KNX and LUXORliving building automation solutions.

Visit Theben and LUXORliving for more information.

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