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QMotion UK shows automated blinds with KNX integration at ISE 2023

Legrand AV booth 3N500, ISE 2023

At Integrated Systems Europe, QMotion UK will showcase its latest hardware and control solutions to support integrators in growing their automated blind businesses.  

Ease of integration is a key attraction of the QMotion range and visitors can also learn how QMotion QiS Cat 6 wired Roller systems can now be integrated into KNX via RS485 and see how QMotion’s partnership with Rako provides a seamless experience when specifying and installing lighting and wireless blind control on a project. Loxone have also introduced a wireless driver for ZigBee controlled QMotion products.

Visitors can see how QMotion blinds are ultra energy efficient thanks to the company’s patented spring-counterbalancing system which keeps battery power consumption to an absolute minimum and delivers near silent operation in every application. Meanwhile, the minimal side light gaps of just 13mm ensure an attractive installation. The patented, manual override command also allows the customer to operate the blinds by hand, without damaging the automated mechanism. Cat6 wired motors provide control and power, and are supplied with a 20-year limited lifetime warranty, as standard. 

For a clean, contemporary interior finish, QMotion will also show its new blind concealment solution. High quality extruded aluminium boxes will be available to conceal the automated QMotion blind, to ensure only the fabric is visible when the blind is fully lowered. With 15 finishes to choose from, QMotion’s new Designer Series of Decorative Brackets and Endcaps can help match the design aesthetic of an installation.

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