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Basalte shows Core Plus AV server

At Light + Building 2022, Basalte showcased its new Core Plus server. Core Plus is the heart of your Basalte Home. Fast, packed with functionality and using their latest and greatest platform. It is the most complete Core server they have ever built, ready for the future!

Core Plus is the heart of your Basalte Home, which is our control system for the intelligent home. From lighting and entertainment to climate and security, personalise your Basalte Home down to the finest details and control it all with our Basalte app or design controls.

This advanced Basalte server hosts your favourite music and connects to your A/V devices. Easily integrate amplifiers, speakers, televisions, streamers and even your door phone and security cameras. Basalte works in partnership with the most trusted names in the industry like Sonos, Apple TV, Samsung, Siedle, Ekey and so many more, to bring you a superior smart home experience.

The new Core Plus hardware platform delivers a massive leap forward in performance, lifting the bar and setting a new standard. Core Plus offers amazing features like integrated Basalte Beam connectivity, direct KNX connection, two audio zones and IR-control for up to 6 devices. Removing the hassle and improving installation efficiency, Core Plus can be powered by Power over Ethernet.

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