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Gira offers new freedom with KNX RF system

Smart Homes in existing buildings with Gira KNX RF

Implementing a smart home in existing buildings used to be very costly because a BUS cable had to be laid. But now there is a solution: the radio-operated Gira KNX RF system. Without great effort and expense, and above all else without any dirt or noise, it enables wireless control of lights, blinds, scenes and more. Simply based on the existing 230 V installation and the flush-mounted inserts of the Gira System 3000.

Data integrity, authentication, encryption and data currency are guaranteed by the KNX Secure Standard. The world’s first manufacturer- and application-independent security standard for smart buildings protects the Smart Home from unauthorised access.

The advantages of the Gira KNX RF system

  • Based on 230 V installation
  • Works without KNX cable in the wall
  • Uses the many functions of the System 3000 inserts
  • Controls lights, blinds, room temperature and scenes
  • KNX Secure Standard
  • Connection to existing TP installations possible
  • Wireless commissioning via ETS
  • Convenient Smart Home control via app available as an option

Installing a KNX RF Smart Home system is easy: the innovative KNX RF operating top units are simply plugged into the Gira System 3000 inserts. The battery-operated KNX RF pushbutton sensor can be mounted on walls without a power line. The KNX RF hand-held transmitter can also be used for operation. This means the new Gira KNX RF system can be installed in just a few steps. It is commissioned wirelessly by laptop via the KNX RF data interface (USB stick) with the help of the ETS.

The Gira X1 server provides increased convenience in the KNX RF installation, allowing you to automate and visualise the Smart Home system in a single-family house with KNX RF easily, conveniently and economically. The Gira X1 controls the entire system in conjunction with the KNX RF/TP media coupler. It is the interface between wired KNX TP products and wireless KNX RF products. The update to the Gira Smart Home app enables customers to implement extensive adaptations by themselves. They can create their own scenes in the app, so that professionals do not have to go out on uneconomical jobs. Here too, the KNX RF components are simply connected via the 230 V installation.

Implement a Smart Home for your customers simply by plugging the innovative KNX RF operating top units onto the Gira System 3000 inserts. With the Gira KNX RF system, you can plan and install integrated functions for controlling lights, blinds, heating and scenes.

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