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Gira focuses on easy programming with Gira One smart home system

Gira has developed a new, powerful Smart Home system: Gira One. Gira One offers all the standard functions of a Smart Home to enhance living comfort, increase security and help save energy. In addition to a powerful range of tried-and-tested components, the focus is directed at easy programming using the new Gira Project Assistant (GPA) – with no need for ETS.

Easy, time-saving start-up

The free-of-charge Gira Project Assistant (GPA) makes straightforward start-up of the new Gira One Smart Home system possible: flexible, self-explanatory, with a guarantee of success. A step-by-step mode and the integration of accompanying video tutorials provide guidance through the entire start-up process. The GPA can be used to help prepare the customer’s project at the office with no need for the products. The settings selected can be easily copied to the Gira One devices later on at the construction site. To simplify handover to the customer, the GPA automatically generates individual, easy-to-follow and clearly structured documentation.

  • Easy start-up using GPA ensures that the Smart Home system functions flawlessly
  • Self-explanatory, assistant-guided start-up functions without time-consuming courses or further training
  • Based on the globally established and certified KNX Smart Home standard
  • Free of charge and time saving: Subsequent customisations can be made securely at any time using the Gira Smart Home App, either remotely or on site. Even by the users themselves
  • Straightforward integration of third-party systems such as Sonos or Philips Hue using the Gira Smart Home App

User-friendly operation

The functions provided by the Gira One Smart Home system can be operated in the usual way with standard switches. The buttons are available to suit all Gira System 55 and Gira F100 design lines. What’s more, it can all be controlled using the Gira Smart Home App, the built-in Gira G1 central operating unit, or a smartphone or tablet when the user is out and about. Gira G1 can also be used as a home station for door communication.

The Gira One product range

The sophisticated, high-performance Gira One product range encompasses synchronised actuators, sensors, servers and mobile end devices for the smart control of lighting, shading, room temperature, music and security installations. Communication between devices is encrypted, ensuring that the Smart Home is protected from unauthorised access and tampering by third parties. Gira One is based on the globally established and certified KNX Smart Home standard and can therefore be flexibly expanded. Nor does the integration of third-party systems such as Philips Hue and Sonos present a problem.

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