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ProKNX Shows Aragon Voice Assistant Applications at Light + Building

At Light + Building 2022 from 2 to 6 October 2022, the ProKNX Aragon voice assistants will be available for testing at many stands at the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building technology.

Visit us:

  • to chat about energy management and Assisted Independent Living in the ZVEH show house: 11.0 C07
  • for a demonstration of the new KNX IoT 3rd Party Protocol application in the KNX IoTech area: 12.0 C85
  • at the KNX Professionals booth for demonstrations of interoperable connectivity with Gira X1 and proServ: 11.1 C92
  • to experience our partnership with PEAKnx- developed YOUVI: 9.0 B70 

E|HOUSE by the ZVEH: 11.0 C07 

The ZVEH 100m² model house showcases the products of an estimated 80 KNX manufacturers working together under one roof. The focus for 2022 is on energy management, senior-friendly, future-proofed living, and media control. See our voice assistant at work in all sectors of the e-house. ProKNX CEO, Christian Kiefel, will be happy to accompany you on a personal tour.

KNX IoTech: 12.0 C85 

Experience the integration of the KNX IoT 3rd Party API with Aragon at the KNX main booth first-hand, in the IoTech area. We have already integrated this new standard, as it enables universal use with all new servers that will support this standardized protocol. Here, the interoperable interaction between Schneider WISER, Simlab ARand ProKNX is shown live in a KNX installation.

KNX Professionals: 11.1 C92 

WEBER Systemintegration +Hanseatische Gebäudetechnik show an exemplary KNX installation with shading, lighting, scenes and RF-ID integration with the Gira X1. Without need of additional devices, Aragon operates and queries the entire installation by voice.

Koyne System Elektronik and our Katja show the Basalte Minicore as visualisation. Here, the proServconfigured in the ETS also works in the background as a server for the Aragon.

PEAKnx: 9.0 B70 

PEAKnx manufactures extremely powerful visualisation devices. The multi-touch room controllers contain server, IP router, visualisation in one device and also allow operation via app. The interoperable systems allow the integration of camera streams, various door intercoms, or Netatmo, Sonos and trivum devices. The Aragon in the network now allows operation by voice without additional configuration.

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