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BTICINO Presents LIVING NOW Series of KNX Switches

BTICINO presents its KNX switches which perfectly complement its LIVING NOW collection: 16 finishes for cover plates available in three materials and three different colours for key covers.

To provide maximum comfort to the customers there are 2 different types of controls:

– control with 2 modules and 4 keys
– control with 3 modules and 6 keys

The main features are:

– Innovative design
– Perfect planarity and elegant details
– Full Touch Controls
– The light can be switched on or off by pressing any point of the surface of the keys. After being pressed, the keys return to their original positions, perfectly aligned
– Finishes

Three available colours: The devices feature an aesthetic component, the covers are available in three different colours: white, sand and black. Satin finish surface: for a pleasant feel.

Combination with the cover plates: The LIVING NOW cover plate range includes 16 finishes, purposely selected to ensure coordination with the device covers, and made of different materials: techno polymer, metal and wood.

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