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Valerie Becker from Schneider Electric Joins the KNX Executive Board

As the first female member of the 14-member board, she replaces Dr. Jean-Paul Jacobs as representative of Merten GmbH

Valerie Becker, Head of Home Automation – Wiring Devices & Door Communication at Schneider Electric, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the KNX Association at the recent General Assembly on February 15, 2022. As the first woman on the so-called KNX Executive Board, she succeeds Dr. Jean-Paul Jacobs, Vice President Connected Living Hub North at Schneider Electric, who has been actively involved in shaping the international strategy of the KNX organization as a representative of Merten GmbH.

Valerie Becker has been with Schneider Electric for more than seven years and drives the development and promotion of intelligent home and building automation solutions with great enthusiasm and conviction. She is now bringing her extensive know-how and multifaceted experience in the field of networked (wired) systems for modern living and working to the KNX board.

“I am very pleased to be able to represent Merten GmbH as a founding member of the EIBA and later KNX Association on the KNX Executive Board. Because we at Schneider Electric and Merten have always been committed to open systems such as the KNX bus system and have accompanied the establishment and further development of the leading technology in their industry right from the start. Every day we develop future-proof and flexible smart home and smart building solutions that are based on the global KNX standard and integrate comfort, efficiency, security and sustainability in private and commercial buildings,” says Valerie Becker.

Valerie Becker as a representative of Merten GmbH, is joined by Jean-Christophe Krieger for Schneider Electric Industries SA and Jürg Sprecher from Feller AG, in being appointed to the KNX Executive Board of the KNX Association.

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