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Lime International Offers KNX Metal Keypad

The KNX Metal Keypad offers simple and essential design that makes a unique feature of high-end metal KNX push buttons. It is designed for small budget projects without giving up high-quality standards.

The keypad has a labelling cover that can be customised with laser engraving. The labelling cover area also comes with backlighting to make it easy to find in the dark.

In addition, the Lime KNX keypad comes with all standard functions like switching and dimming.


  • High end metal KNX push button – 8 Folds
  • Labelling cover can be customised with laser engraving
  • Labelling cover area with back lighting design, easy to find in dark
  • Extensive Operating Functions
  • Configurable Bicolored LED Indicator for Each Button
  • Compatible with all standard 55mm frame systems
  • 8 push keys
  • Powered by KNX bus,21-30VDC via EIB bus
  • Switching and dimming function
  • Control of blinds and shutters
  • Sending of values
  • Recall and storage scene function
  • Step-type switch function
  • Setting the RTC operation mode
  • Multiple operation
  • LED indication function
  • Commission and Project Design with ETS4 and 5
  • Easy installation with a mounting bracket

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