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Juniper Research Top Ten Tech Trends 2022

The Juniper Research analyst team reveal their top technology and telecommunications trends for 2022, with detailed analysis on why they believe these trends will become prevalent, and who will benefit from them most.

10. 5G Capabilities to Drive Adoption of Private Networks
9. Video Games Subscriptionsto Consolidate to Focus on Content
8. Streaming Platforms to Capitaliseon Rise of eSports
7. Smart Grid Deployments to be Accelerated by Environmental Concerns
6. Edge Computing to Drive New Healthcare Applications
5. Electric Vehicle Charging Network Interoperability to Improve Accessibility
4. Flash Calling to Disrupt Operators’ Business Messaging Revenue
3. 5G & IoT to Drive Mobile Roaming Market Disruption
2. Supply Chains to UtiliseAdvanced Technologies to Increase Resilience
1. Customer Data Platforms to Increase Customer Satisfaction

You can download the whitepaper here:

You can also watch the full webinar presentation: Top Ten Tech Trends 2022 here:

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