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Ekinex Offers Konnect4 IP/KNX Interface for KNX and Control4 Installation

Ekinex offers an advanced IP/KNX interface for KNX and/or Control4 installation. Konnect4 is a webserver designed to offer a suite of connectivity and functional services to a Control4 supervision system, when used in combination with Ekinex KNX devices.

With Konnect4 it is possible to:

  • Send commands and receive information from KNX devices through ETS
  • Send commands and receive information from KNX in the Control4 system
  • Monitor the building energy consumption
  • Control loads management accordingly with the overall current absorption with a dedicated graphic driver for Composer
  • Make a continuous diagnostic check on the KNX devices and receive notifications in case of malfunctions
  • Define command sequences (scenes) and execute them with simple connections in Composer with 3rd party drivers
  • Perform logics configurable with a graphic editor and executed in background
  • Send notifications to Control4 in case of malfunctions or configurable events on KNX bus

Functions include:

  • IP-KNX gateway
  • ETS project import
  • Logic and scenario programming
  • KNX diagnostics
  • Load management and monitoring of electricity consumption from Control4 systems

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