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ABB Releases ETS Application V1.1 for i-bus KNX Switch Actuators

ABB has announced the availability of the ETS Application Version 1.1 for its range of i-bus KNX Switch Actuators in December 2021.

The new ETS application V1.1 has a pack of new features empowering the switch actuator range further. Benefits at a glance include:

  • Save time during parameterization thanks to an optimized user interface
  • Optimize your energy consumption with a link to load control systems
  • Universal use in applications with extended logic and threshold features
  • Easy commissioning and flexible device update by using the ETS App Update Copy Convert Features & Functions of the new release:
  • Digital tooling – Update the devices by using the ETS App Update Copy Convert
  • Comprehensibility and traceability – Extended logic and threshold function
  • Energy efficiency – Integrate load shedding function into all switch actuator outputs
  • Simplified handling – Parameters in tabular form and standardized wording
  • Internationalization – Reaching more markets with our internationalized manuals

Full product information available here:

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