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Gira Cube Motion Detector Offers Burglar Protection

We all want to live safely, but also in attractive surroundings. The Gira Cube motion detector deters burglars and is also a design element. The clear, geometric design in pure white glossy or anthracite blends discreetly into existing or new buildings. Available in two angles, the narrow angle of 120° covers a smaller area, while the 240° angle is suitable for more expansive applications.

The motion detector can be integrated into conventional installations and also into interconnected lighting units via KNX.

Features include:

  • Modern cubist design
  • Outer dimensions: 87 x 87 x 85 mm
  • Hidden lens cover to limit detection range
  • Different versions available for conventional and KNX installation
  • Detection angle: 120 or 240 degrees
  • Continuous light (max. 2 h.) can be activated using an optional switch
  • Adjustable switch-off delay: 5 s to 15 min or short operating periods of 1 s
  • Remote control for programming available as an option
  • Protection type IP54

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