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Siemens Whitepaper: Turning buildings into a source of energy: The grid interactive building

This whitepaper identifies the emergence of a new type of building, the ‘grid interactive building’ at the grid edge, where smart buildings meet smart grids. This has been identified by Siemens as a future vision for how commercial buildings, education, industry and healthcare can play an active role in a more decarbonized energy system.

Reading time: 30 minutes

Document length: 18 pages

Key learnings from the whitepaper:

  • The grid interactive building offers carbon and people benefits but needs buildings and the grid to have three key components: digitalization, decarbonization and democratization.
  • Digitalization is key and a prerequisite to ensure interoperability of complex and heterogeneous systems across all buildings and grids and the flows between them.
  • There is a huge opportunity to achieve improvements in primary energy efficiency and play a role in achieving carbon targets and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.   
  • The grid interactive building decarbonizes buildings through digitalized technologies, and the grid, reducing wider energy strains and supporting the whole energy grid system.
  • This new type of building brings organizations within them into a closer relationship with society, supporting everyone impacted by grid costs.

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