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KNX Association Focuses on Energy Management at

From international summits to local community groups, the interest and support for the need to manage our energy use in a more sustainable way is growing. The KNX standard can of course be used to help build a more energy efficient future and the KNX Association has produced a microsite at to focus on this. will bring together all the resources you need to find out about how KNX Energy Management offers a proactive approach to optimized energy usage according to consumers needs at any given time. The same KNX system can also decide what is the best thing to do with the energy in the home or building, starting from its generation through to whether it should be consumed or stored, according to the key parameters of being efficient and preferring energy from renewable sources.

As well as links to a library of articles and webinars, you can read about real projects which show how energy efficiency can be put in to practice, and find out about available products including energy meters, e-charging stations for electric vehicles and battery storage. will be added to regularly and you can sign up for updates and to receive information about events here.

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