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Siemens New TC5 KNX Touchpanel Makes Every Room Smart

Stylish design combining black glass and brushed aluminum
Flexible user interface with a wide range of icons for intuitive operation
Easy control of lighting, shading and room temperature

Siemens Smart Infrastructure introduces the new KNX Touch Control TC5 room operator unit. It makes passive buildings adaptive, consequently boosting the evolution of smart building technologies. With its individually configurable controls, the easy-to-use device simplifies the operation and display of all relevant functions. Thanks to the capacitive 5.0-inch color touch display featuring a contemporary, attractive design, the new device is ideally suited for use in commercial buildings such as conference rooms, offices and hotels. With its flexible mounting concept, Touch Control TC5 can be used worldwide. 

Buildings are becoming responsive

Digitalization is transforming buildings into modern and smarter structures. “Smart buildings offer new opportunities to positively impact engagement and productivity of tenants, they react to the individual needs of their users” said Henning Sandfort, CEO Building Products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “Room operator units such as the new Touch Control TC5 are able to communicate via KNX and create the perfect indoor climate and lighting conditions for each room user since they respond intelligently to the values captured by the sensors.” 

The new room controller covers virtually all applications in the room, such as switching, dimming, color and color temperature control, as well as shading and HVAC operation, including ventilation and air conditioning. To ensure a healthy indoor air climate, the Touch Control TC5 offers automatic fan control based on the current PM2.5 or CO2 value, adjusting the fan speed depending on the amount of pollutants in the air. Using the available logic functions, it is easy to implement additional controller functions such as automatically switching to frost protection mode when the outside temperature drops sharply or closing the blinds when the brightness exceeds a certain level.

Less complexity for users

In general, more devices and cables are needed as the intelligence of the building increases. The Touch Control TC5 is different: All the room functions can be displayed and operated from a single device. Mounting and installation of the new touch panel is easy since it is compatible with different wall boxes (EU, USA, CN, UK, CH). To meet the branding requirements of commercial customers, the icons, design and screensaver can be customized as needed. To save energy, the display can be turned on and off automatically using integrated proximity sensors. The operating controls can be locked or unlocked at any time via a password set during configuration or via the bus. 

The new room operator unit is both versatile and cost-effective since no other central controller is needed to efficiently implement simple projects.

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