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JUNG Announces a New Generation of KNX Switch and Blind Actuators

Increased safety, better energy efficiency and numerous new functions: the new JUNG switch and blind actuators have a holistically improved concept.

The KNX switch and blind actuators of the latest generation in the 6-gang, 16-gang and 24-gang versions are more compact thanks to their single-storey design. The connection concept is no longer based on superimposed layers. The installation is carried out simpler and quicker. At the same time, JUNG has improved the readability through laser engraving of all layers and an optimised partition of the status LEDs.

The work in the property becomes easier and more secure. The new generation of JUNG KNX switch and blind actuators communicate via KNX Data Secure. Telegrams on the twisted pair line are tap-proof. The new actuators receive updates via the likewise new ETS Service app.

The teach-in function is also new: in addition to the classic, individual configuration of the running times via ETS, the installer can transfer the parameters of the curtain to several actuators.

The customers also profit by saving energy costs. The bistable relays of the actuators reduce the power loss to a minimum. This makes the actuators more energy efficient.

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