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Elsner Elektronik Presents CasaConnect KNX Starter Sets and Central Unit for Smart KNX Buildings

With the KNX sets CasaConnect, Elsner Elektronik presents a new concept for KNX beginners. Typical KNX devices for an apartment or for a house reach the customer as a pre-configured package: weather station, control panel, room controller, smoke, motion and water detectors and actuators for heating, sun protection, light and for switching have already been addressed at the factory and linked together in a KNX project. After installation, they communicate with each other immediately without the customer having to use the ETS. The individual set-up of the device functions is done at the CasaConnect KNX central unit. This is possible even for the lay person thanks to the clear menus. Via the remote maintenance function, the user can also get help with the settings without the need for a specialist technician to visit.

The sets are suitable for enthusiastic Smart Home beginners and electricians who have so far been deterred from entering the worldwide KNX standard by the complex KNX integration. However, the simple set-up also has advantages for property developers who want to quickly and cost-effectively equip appartments and houses with a future-proof standard. Because even if it is easy to get started: all devices are fully-fledged, certified KNX products and the project file is supplied on a memory card. So if the starter set is not enough for you now or in the future, you can expand it at any time with KNX products in the classic way via the ETS. 

The basis of the sets is the powerful CasaConnect KNX central unit, with which Elsner Elektronik is expanding its KNX touch screen product portfolio. The central unit is also available for purchase individually and can be integrated into any KNX project. Via the display, the user has access to manual operation and automatic setting of light, shading, ventilation and room climate, to timers and scenes. Particularly clever: the biodynamic light control (Human Centric Lighting) gently adjusts brightness and light colour to the rhythm of the day. In addition to living comfort and energy-efficient control, security has also been taken into account with a presence simulation and security module. Critical situations such as motion detection in case of absence or leaking water are reported to the user on the display or even by e-mail and forwarded to alarm devices if necessary. 

In addition, CasaConnect KNX can be connected to the home network or the internet. Internet pages can then be shown on the display and music can be played via the integrated loudspeakers. Since network connections always represent a risk, the manufacturer has integrated some security measures: Each remote maintenance session must be confirmed on the display and access must be permitted. As a matter of principle, setting and control data are not transmitted to cloud servers, but are stored locally in the unit. The control system includes the free CasaConnect KNX app, which turns the Android or iOS device in the WLAN into a remote control for the building technology. Anyone who wants to access their smart home from outside must set up a secure VPN connection to the CasaConnect KNX via their router. CasaConnect KNX thus offers many possibilities for secure digital networking and efficient control of the home.

Find out more about the CasaConnect KNX control unit and the practical KNX starter sets here:

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