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Thinka Launches Thinka KNX PRO for Apple HomeKit Integration

Smart Home company Thinka launched their first product, Thinka HomeKit for KNX – Bridge in 2016. Thinka KNX connects KNX building and home automation systems, with Apple HomeKit and other market leading Home Assistants. Today, the Amsterdam-based Smart Home company launches Thinka KNX PRO; a HomeKit for KNX Bridge with a built-in IP Gateway and Secure Remote Access to the local Thinka and KNX system.

Built-in IP Gateway enabling Secure Remote Access

Every system integrator will explain just how important remote access is to the KNX system, to ensure the expected service levels of building- or home owners. Remote Access offers the possibility to quickly react on outings or adaptations needed, without bothering the customer unnecessary.

This is why the system integrator usually leaves the IP Gateway, which is needed for first time setup and configuration, in place to provide a “backdoor” access. 

“This backdoor often undermines the security of the, otherwise very secure KNX system”, according to Michael Franken, founder and CEO of Thinka

Thinka KNX PRO provides a built-in KNX IP Gateway, and a safe entrance over VPN for secure remote access. By doing so, Thinka KNX PRO offers the convenience of remote access without giving in on security and privacy standards. 

Thinka – HomeKit for KNX

Thinka connects KNX Buildings and Home Automation systems with the user experience that today’s consumers have come to expect. Thinka’s choice is the iPhone/iPad with its integrated Home App as KNX Control & Visualisation medium, enabling all advanced home automation functionalities HomeKit has to offer, like scene setting, family sharing, geofencing, adaptive lighting and voice control.

Thinka KNX is the brain that sits in your smart home. An intuitive brain that makes life easy, or at least makes it look easy. This brain understands all the complexity of protocols and devices, monitors the state of your KNX home system and presents all the various options as a select and tasteful menu. It can easily read all KNX configurations, translating this to the Home App on your iPhone or iPad. Thinka is equipped with a powerful processor, so she is not depending on the cloud for computing power.

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