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KNX Association Announces KNX4U – the New Channel that Brings KNX Closer to You

KNX4U is a new channel where we invite you to experience the technology from a new perspective. Thanks to KNX4U, it has never been easier to find the latest news about KNX. We will offer videos, podcasts, interviews and much more content so you can stay up-to-date and be one step ahead!

Our new content addresses newcomers and end-users, but also the entire KNX community. Get an insight on how KNX is positioned in other countries and seen by locals from all over the world. KNX National Groups give you a glance about their experience and the potential KNX has for you.

Features by KNX National Groups

No better way to learn about KNX all over the world from experts in the respective countries and regions! KNX4U will inform you how KNX has not only shaped business, but also whole countries. Premiering with the feature of KNX Spain, more KNX National Groups will join us to share KNX market insights in their countries.


The vivid world of KNX is full of events and experiences from all over the world. From our KNX Studios in Brussels, we will bring you the monthly KNX Newsflash as the easiest way to never miss anything of importance that has happened in the world of KNX.

Prizes to win each month!

Concluding each KNX National Group feature with a highlight, KNX Association invites you to try your luck in the Kahoot! quizzes at the end of each feature. Each month you will have the chance to win one of many attractive prizes. Do not miss any videos, as your knowledge will be tested in the quizzes at the end of each feature.

Where to find all information?

All information is available on our social media channels and on:

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