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KNX Association Welcomes Sony as 500th Member: Partnership Highlights the Growing Popularity of KNX IoT

Sony solutions based on KNX contribute to the new era of KNX solutions driven by KNX IoT and “Services with KNX”.

KNX, the worldwide standard for home and building solutions, strengthens the internationalisation of this leading technology with Sony joining the KNX community. KNX is known for its high degree of interoperability between products of different manufacturers and different application domains, and proudly welcomes Sony as the 500th member. Thanks to the growing popularity of KNX IoT and “Services with KNX”, a new era for KNX begins expanding the KNX ecosystem to new dimensions with new possibilities. And more and more tech companies want to be a part of it.

Sony: “We are looking at KNX technology as a key partner for building automation”

Sony’s TEOS Corporate Solutions recently expanded to include new building management features, such as heating control and automation. “Our goal is to expand functionality and data capture from workplace devices to wider building management and to offer unique solutions to our customers by combining AV, IT and building protocols. Here we are looking at KNX technology as a key partner for building automation. So it was an important step for us to become a KNX member”, says Nicolas Berg, Marketing Head at Sony Professional Solutions. Through its KNX membership, Sony and its customers will benefit from the reliability and the trust of working with the leading building management association. Nicolas Berg: “We are able to build our reputation and advance our proposition development to bring more value to organisations that we work with.”

KNX IoT: State-of-the-art technology meets outstanding products

Welcoming the 500th member is a new milestone in the history of KNX. In the last decade alone, the number of KNX members has more than doubled. “We are very proud to have Sony on board and to see that the global KNX community grows constantly. With KNX IoT as state-of-the-art technology and with the innovative spirit of important manufacturers like Sony and their outstanding products and solutions for homes and buildings, we will shape the future of the Internet of Things together”, commented KNX President Franz Kammerl.

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