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KNX Association Presents KNX to the World with the KNXperience Digital Trade Show

New digital trade show KNXperience will open its gates from 28th September to 2nd October

New online event as a central platform for presenting and experiencing the latest KNX products and solutions
+++ KNX Awards 2020 will be awarded digitally +++
Free registration for visitors at

For the first time ever, KNX Association will host a digital KNX trade show. The KNXperience will serve as a central platform for presenting and experiencing the latest KNX products, solutions, tools and ideas created by KNX Association and its participating KNX members, KNX Professionals and KNX National Groups. The digital trade show, with the main focus on services with KNX, will take place from 28th September to 2nd October 2020 exclusively as an online event in English and German at and is open to anyone interested in smart home and building solutions.

Interaction and engagement guaranteed thanks to the exhibition hall and networking area

KNXperience does not differ from a presence event, like the Light + Building trade show. Therefore, the exhibition hall will be full of virtual booths with real professionals (KNX Association staff, KNX Professionals, KNX Member company staff and some other partners) which will be informing and presenting the new KNX solutions and products to the visitors. The only difference is that the contact will be done via PC (or mobile or tablet). Each visitor can decide if he or she wants to have a one-to-one conversation with the representative of a booth.

In addition, the networking area enables the interaction of the different participants. They will be able to enter this space and to select the “room” they would like to join. All booths representatives will have their own room and offer the possibility to address and to make group or individual discussions.

Lastly, to engage with visitors, plenty of real-time activities are planned: from games like “Kahoot!” and other interactive lotteries to win special KNX prizes, to the famous KNX Championship using KNX Virtual where visitors will be able to win ETS Professional licenses for free. In addition, the users and companies using KNXperience the most will be rewarded with gifts and licenses.

A full-week conference program with numerous highlights and new KNX product launches

With its comprehensive full-week conference program, KNXperience offers participants a variety of opportunities to experience the latest innovations from the whole KNX world: from numerous showcases of the latest KNX products and solutions to training programs, knowledge sharing, networking and much more.

Special highlights to present on the digital trade show’s agenda include the topics “Services with KNX”, “KNX IoT” and “KNX Energy Management”. In addition, KNX Members will present their latest KNX products and solutions. And, the program will also offer sessions on the latest KNX solutions used in projects by the KNX Professionals.

As happens at a normal presence conference, all the conference sessions will offer the opportunity to interact in real-time with the different speakers in order to clarify any questions or comments from the visitors right away.

KNX Awards 2020 goes digital

The major highlight of the KNXperience will be the 13th edition of the KNX Awards, the world’s most prestigious and coveted award for smart home and smart building projects. For the first time, the KNX Awards ceremony will now take place completely digitally on 29th September 2020 at 17:00. The KNX Awards are awarded in the following categories: “International – Europe”, “International – Asia”, “International – Africa America Australia”, “Energy Efficiency”, “Special”, “Publicity”, “Young” and “People’s Choice”. For more information and registration visit

For more information, visit or follow #KNXperience on social media.

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