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JUNG Offers Augmented Planning with AR-Studio App

A totally new way to digitally experience JUNG switches and solutions offers the JUNG AR-Studio app. Surfaces, materials and colours are shown photo-realistically. Anytime and anywhere you can visualise and place JUNG products and solutions with the new app virtually in the room.

Augmented Reality (AR) facilitates the computer-aided enhanced perception of reality. The AR-Studio app thus shows the entire range of JUNG’s portfolio. Processed in realistic images, it shows various JUNG products directly in a live-environment. AR-Studio is a comprehensive planning and consulting tool – the digital sample case to go.

In the app, just choose a design range, material and colour and then fix the JUNG Experience-Marker to the spot where the switch should be displayed. The JUNG AR-Studio-App now adds virtual 3D models of the selected JUNG products to the rooms’ live picture. You will be able to see – on your tablet or smartphone – how the switch is shown to advantage in the room and next to the interior. Different frame designs and the effect of various metal variants will be displayed photo-realistically, just as the 63 colours from Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier’s range of colours. Naturally, this not only functions with switches and sockets of the JUNG ranges: KNX controls, USB chargers, Smart Radio DAB+, spot- and flood-lights of the Plug & Light lighting system – with the app more than 2000 models from the varied JUNG product world can be planned realistically. In addition, AR-Studio provides valuable background information and selected reference photos of the individual products.

Background information

Users first choose a switch range in AR-Studio, then the material and colour. In addition to the product’s live view, the app provides ample background information around JUNG switch ranges and building technologies. All these contents are also available offline – ideal for planning in the object.

Frame dimensions

The Augmented Planning app also provides expert planners with the frame dimensions of the individual JUNG ranges. The electrical installation can thus be planned precisely and the installation of all technology can be done efficiently. Within the app the frame dimensions are listed right below the product descriptions.

The JUNG AR-Studio app is available in German, English, Spanish and Dutch free of charge in app stores – or directly via

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