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KNX Association Rewards the Best KNX Applications

Brussels, we have a problem! …And also a solution”

Almost nothing is as satisfying as finding the solution to a problem, fixing something that was considered broken or simply finding the answer to a difficult question. In June, we reward the best KNX Application, which turned a problem into a KNX solution.

Describe your project, the problem and how you found the solution with KNX!

Also great prizes in June! – The faster you are, the better the prize

Celebrate with us 30 years of KNX – Participate in June and be eligible to the following:

  • For the first 10 entries: Receive an official “KNX Polo Shirt”
  • From entry no. 11 to 50: Participate in a raffle for 10x additional “KNX Polo Shirts”
  • From entry 51 – 100: Participate in a raffle for 20x attractive KNX Giveaways (mobile phone holders, lanyards, footballs, etc.)
  • From entry 101: 50% discount on all ETS Apps by KNX Association

But that’s not all:

For all entries that KNX Association will share on our Social Media Channels: “ETS App: Labels”

For more information about the #KNXis30 and the available prizes, visit

KNX Association wishes you good luck.

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