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KNX Association Wants to Hear How You’ve Dealt with Fake News about KNX

Haters Gonna Hate – But in May, we set the record straight! Tell us, how you dealt with Fake News about KNX and how you set the record straight.

In May, #KNXis30 would like to clear out rumours and myths around KNX, which are not true. But how to do it in the best way? Right – Nothing better than first-hand-stories from our KNX Community!

Until May 31st, you can tell us your story of how you dealt with a wrong statement about KNX. Share your story and take your chance to win!

To win in May:

  • 1x ETS Professional with all Apps by KNX Association for the best story of how you set the record straight
  • 1x ETS Professional among all participants


  • The first 100 stories will be each rewarded with a discount 70% voucher for the ETS Lite Licence.
  • But why stop with an ETS Lite? KNX Association is happy to offer the first 25 entries, which can be shared on KNX Social Media, an additional voucher of 25% for an ETS Professional update.

Do not lose any time, tell us your story now and win!

Share your story and Try Your Luck

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