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KNX Association Announces the Opening of the 500th KNX Training Centre

The newest officially certified KNX training centre starts operating in Cameroon

An exponential growth in the number of certified KNX installers around the world, now 500 KNX training centres in 72 countries and an ever broader range of training courses: KNX continues to expand its significant efforts to train students and provide further education to professionals. Success speaks for itself! In just a few years, over 91,000 installers from a total of 168 countries have completed the extensive KNX training programme and obtained the coveted KNX certification. KNX is also breaking new ground in training by offering free, innovative online tools for newcomers: eCampus and KNX Virtual.

KNX Training Centres: a strong community that guarantees long-term use of KNX 

“The KNX training centres are an important cornerstone of our worldwide training offensive that will guarantee the long-term use, future viability, and the lasting success of KNX”, said Franz Kammerl, President of the KNX Association, on the occasion of the opening of the newest KNX training centre Afri2getherbuild Business Ltd in Cameroon, the 500th in the world. In the past ten years, there has been a steady global growth in the number of KNX training centres, with a new centre opening on average every ten days. “We have established and approved KNX training centres in 72 countries on five continents. This underlines our tremendous engagement in delivering KNX knowledge to all corners of the world”, KNX President Franz Kammerl added.

KNX training: a perfect way to integrate KNX into the curriculum 

The KNX training programme is entirely internationally oriented. All training courses are conducted in 26 languages. And an easy access to the training material is guaranteed, as it is available in paper and digital formats and can be purchased from Amazon. The KNX training programme is also designed so that educational institutions such as vocational schools, colleges, and universities can easily integrate it into their curricula. And thanks to the KNX training centres, pupils and students can also benefit from the KNX certification programme in their local area.

Virtual, online & flexible: the key to successful KNX training 

Since 2016, eCampus has also made it possible to get an online introduction into the world of KNX. The online learning platform, which is constantly being expanded with new KNX training content, is extremely popular and receives thousands of new registrations from over 100 countries every month. KNX Virtual, a free software application that can be used to simulate real, physical KNX devices and their interaction in KNX projects, is also making starting with KNX easy. It is a convenient way to begin with the KNX training from anywhere in the world and without having to invest in products. So that all training participants can follow the KNX training courses at their own learning speed, KNX has developed a flexible system for its training centres that allows courses to be reliably adapted to the continually changing individual needs of participants. In addition, KNX training offerings will continue to expand in the future, for example, with the new course on the use of KNX in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and new courses to come.

Interested students and professionals can find an immediate entry into the KNX world at and an overview of all KNX training centres.

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