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Vanderbilt Integrates its SPC Security System with KNXlogic’s Gateways

In today’s technologically driven culture of consumer demand, the integration of products is a massive trump card for company’s looking to whet the appetite of potential customers.

One such wing of this is home automation, and these types of solutions for the consumer market have been changing at a rapid pace. Naturally, this then poses an exciting challenge for the security industry.

With the rapidly growing home automation market, it only makes sense for security manufacturers to align their products with the concept of a smart home. Moreover, this is undoubtedly in demand from homeowners: Due to growing adoption of various types of smart security devices in global households, the global smart home security and safety market is expected to reach $134.5 billion by 2025.

The award-winning SPC

One such product that is reaping dividends in this era, given its vast depth of integration capability, is Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion system. The SPC intrusion system is designed to be a modular security system that can scale to achieve and support the needs of buildings and homes, providing monitoring for various types of sensors, doors, and submitting multiple user interfaces. With this in mind, Vanderbilt have actively promoted a culture of openness and flexibility that has resulted in the growth of many strategic partnerships. The goal of many of these partnerships is to bridge the gap between the building automation design companies and the security industry to provide flexible platforms that can be retrofitted into systems or designed as a critical element of the system from the beginning.

This allows people to use the home automation system they want securely while making use of the sensors and information available to them within their security system. By working with key partners, Vanderbilt can provide the best overall solution to our customers, and we continue to explore these opportunities and interests to provide the most exciting innovations possible. Integrating a security system within a smart home can create numerous benefits and the ultimate level of efficiency.

KNXlogic’s KNX, Modbus, and BACnet gateways

The integration of SPC with KNXlogic’s main products means that combining convenience and safety has never been easier. For instance, the blending of SPC into the KNX environment allows the end-user to carry out all functions in one protocol. KNX is a bi-directional gateway that can host SPC features such as event calls, arming and disarming, and retrieving status.

The integration of SPC and KNX is the perfect solution for house and building owners as you can effectively use one system to manage your essential day-to-day activities. The collaboration also means you can automate your daily checklist. For example, you can make one visual map that shows lighting, heating, and your intrusion system. More importantly, you can automate everything.

When you are leaving your house, you might have to make sure that the heating and lights are turned off and that your intrusion system is activated. With SPC and KNX, when you leave the building and arm your SPC intrusion panel, the system is notified that because the building is armed, no one is home. It then automatically knows that it can turn off the lights and put the heating to standby mode.

Essentially, the systems can talk to each other, and everything happens automatically in the background. New technology does not become an additional burden to think of; you can leave the house with peace of mind that your home is secure and safe.

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