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Ekinex Offers Technical Guide for HVAC Applications

The new HVAC Applications Technical Guide provides many examples of the use of ekinex® devices in heating, cooling and ventilation systems in buildings.

These are advanced solutions for the control of room air conditioning functions that allow to obtain high comfort and high energy efficiency in all situations.

To have an optimal air quality of the building – understood as the whole the thermo-hygrometric conditions and air quality that offer high comfort – and to achieve the required energy performance targets from European directives and national laws, today it is essential to use home automation control with an open system such as the one developed by ekinex, developed thanks to the KNX standard. Also the requirements of certification and sustainability of buildings benefit greatly from this.

In the guide, numerous application examples, supplemented by sample diagrams, brief descriptions and summary tables, enable you to quickly identify the ekinex® devices you need in each case, and also indicate some beneficial improvements.

To download the guide visit:

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