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KNX Association Announces Availability of ETS Inside for Linux

The ETS Inside extended the reach of smart homes and smart buildings to a broader audience, allowing the commissioning and programming of a whole KNX installation with a tip of a finger. Never has it been easier to realise a KNX installation, thanks to the intuitive user-interface of the ETS Inside, which requires no training. Project commissioning was furthermore made available with tablets and phones, running on iOS, Android and Windows. Not only skilled integrators, but also end-users can turn their home smart at any time.

KNX Association is proud to announce the next big step in the development of ETS Inside – The release of the ETS Inside for Linux!

ETS Inside: Smart, Simple, Safe 

ETS Inside opens up the world of home and building control to more potential users.

Smart – By making the transition from PC to commonly used mobile handhelds, ETS Inside is reshaping how KNX installations are designed and commissioned. As the software can be a permanent part of the installation, only the ETS Inside client app is needed to configure your KNX installation. This app is downloadable from all app stores.

Simple – The user interface is easy-to-understand and lowers the barriers for anyone wishing to benefit from the interoperability of KNX across products of different manufacturers and applications. Without the need for extensive training, newcomers to the smart home market now have the possibility to put a real KNX installation into action, be it in a home, shop or office.

Safe – With support for KNX Secure devices using the worldwide encryption standard AES 128, ETS Inside comes with the highest security features in home and building control. With KNX Data Secure devices communication between devices is protected, with KNX IP Secure, communication across IP is encrypted and authenticated.

Linux – Open Source and free OS for ETS Inside 

“Ubuntu, Redhat, Suse, CentOS, etc. Linux comes in various forms and offers various benefits. One of the most important attributes of Linux is that it is available free of charge. This does not only save money, it also helps the further distribution of KNX worldwide.”, says Franz Kammerl, President of KNX Association. “Being now available also for further platforms, such as Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers (SBCs), the hardware input for realising a KNX project with the ETS Inside has been considerably lowered.”

Simplifying the entry for programmers and developers 

Due to its openness, Linux is the chosen operating systems for many programmers and developers in the embedded world. With ETS Inside now being available for Linux, developers do not have to switch computers but can continue working with the ETS on their originally installed OS. Also, with the usage of further KNX tools, which are available for Linux, KNX Association opened itself even further for IT developers and programmers. Examples for Linux based solutions could be the reading of telegrams with Wireshark, as well as the development of visualisation solutions, thanks to the availability of the Falcon Library for Linux.

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