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Embedded Systems Announces LogicMachine5 Power KNX CANx Gateway

LogicMachine5 Power brings redundancy and maintenance possibilities of your installation to another level.

LM5 Power is an embedded platform with integrated Ethernet, USB, KNX/EIB, CAN FT, Serial interfaces. LM5 is a cross-standard gateway, logic engine, visualization platform, IP Router. Scripting templates provide user-friendly, flexible configuration interface and integration with cloud/web services, 3rd party devices. Via applying custom scripts LM can simultaneously act as thermostat, security panel, lighting controller, etc.

LogicMachine application store and external app development allows the possibility to extend device functionality and adjust to a specific market segment. Further, LM5 supports iOS Siri and Google Voice control via native apps available in App Store and Google Play.


Power-over-Ethernet powering
Application development and application store
Cloud ready device with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other services supported
Gateway and uniform way of control of KNX TP1, CAN FT, ModBus RTU/TCP, BACnet IP, DMX 512 and more
Unlimited scenario and logic engine
Unlimited visualization platform for PC and for touch devices
Size: 4 DIN units
Remote KNX bus control and KNX device reprogramming
Object logging with trends support and data exporting to external servers
iOS Siri and Google Voice control supported via native apps
CANx configurator is freely available from LM app store

I/O specification

2 x RS485
1 x RS485/RS-232 (switchable in software)
1 x 10/100 Ethernet with passive PoE support
1 x KNX TP1 (TP-UART2 physical layer IC)
1 x CAN FT
1 x USB2.0

CANx technology

CANx is an open standard protocol for building control, m2m, IoT and other remote control and measurement applications. It enables simple, low-cost devices to be networked together with high-end computers and/or to work as an autonomous system, whatever the communication media is. CANx is free and open – no usage, patent or other costs for its implementation and use.

CANx is based on the reliable and widely-used CAN FT media. It allows to manufacture low cost nodes that can work reliably, efficiently and can be trusted in their day-to-day operation. CANx is fully European technology including design, manufacturing, main components and assembly.

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