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Fairhair Specification Version 1.0

Fairhair Specification Version 1.0

Fairhair Specification enables IoT in commercial buildings via a common, building-wide IT infrastructure.

Based on open standards, the Fairhair Specification defines a unified IP-based network infrastructure that enables streamlined building-automation systems with end-to-end security. The Fairhair Specification defines a common Internet Protocol (IP)-based network infrastructure for buildings, independent of the application ecosystem, and based on open standards.

Fairhair’s approach will enable information exchange between various building-automation systems, for example lighting or HVAC. Today’s systems are typically self-contained and isolated from each other. When the systems become part of a common building-wide IT infrastructure, this allows building administrators to have cross-domain, streamlined control. Components speak the same set of communication protocols and become able to exchange information, while also benefiting from end-to-end security.

As well as the critical aspect of security, the Fairhair Specification includes other essential elements such as resource discovery and identification. In fact, Fairhair originally dealt with these features in separate draft specifications but has since consolidated its work into a single publication.

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