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Franke Aquarotter Offers AQUA 3000 Water Management System

The AQUA 3000 open water management system is based on an innovative electronic platform featuring advanced architecture that presents installers and operators with a much easier, more reliable, functional, hygienic and economical system which is even easier to integrate into host networks.

The further enhanced AQUA 3000 open intelligent water management system is consistently structured into two levels – fittings and network – which can communicate with each other via different data protocols such as Ethernet, BacNet, KNX or ModBus. The most important water delivery functions are controlled at the fittings level.

An Ethernet CAN coupler (ECC2) with integrated WEB server supports the mobile control and monitoring of the drinking water installation. The BMS connection option, eg. via KNX-IP, facilitates the interaction of all building areas and is realized via a standardized RJ45 interface. Franke has also been a member of the KNX Association since 2016.

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