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EmCom Launches KNX Presence Detector for Wide Range, High Bay, Corridor Applications

EmCom KNX Presence Detectors bring energy saving and automatic lighting control to KNX Building and Home Control System with ease and comfort. The integrated Daylight Harvesting technology can monitor the natural light changes, and in response to offset the amount of needed electric lighting, so as to optimize the overall energy consumption.

Wide Range Presence Detector covers a 360° detection range up to diameter 24 meters; High Bay Presence Detector well meets the requirement of 15 meter installation height; and Corridor Presence Detector takes care of a 40×5 meter aisle detection range. Parameters can be preset via either ETS or IR remote control. The whole product lineup is available for multi-way installations of surface mounting, false ceiling flush mounting, and flush mounting with European junction box.

As a KNX member and KNX certified manufacturer, EmCom has been dedicated to KNX certified motion detectors and presence detectors for intelligent lighting management, with seamless integration to the KNX Building and Home Automation, offering superior energy efficiency and living comfort.

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