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TAPKO Offers TAI4-secure Push Button Interface

TAPKO´s proven TAI4-secure 4-fold binary I/O module is now available with KNX Secure.

Any kind of manipulation during runtime communication and commissioning is not possible anymore. All usual input functions of the I/O module like switching, dimming, shutters, blinds control and scenes can be used in a common way. Besides the input functionality of TAI4-secure for sensing NO/NC floating contacts of push-buttons, conventional switches and contact sensors, it is also a perfect binary output for driving various loads, like status LEDs, with a comparably high amount of power. Even dimming of the connected LEDs is possible.

Due to its small housing, TAI4-secure can be placed in a flush-mounted box behind the switch.


Simple Installation
Small dimensions
Enables the use of classical conventional switches
Inputs can be configured as dimmable outputs to drive status LEDs
Suitable for flush mounting
Detection of short and long switching
Each channel configurable and being controlled separately by the ETS
Push-button for programming the physical address

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