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Futurasmus Offers Free Online KNX Basic Course and Collaboration with KNX Training Centres

The international KNX community (associations, training centres, manufacturers, etc.) has given a warm welcome to the first online KNX Basic Course that covers the full content of the official course professionally and 100% free of charge.

Futurasmus KNX Group has developed a brand-new concept of online course which is totally compatible with the KNXA training guidelines and offers very innovative training possibilities for professionals, students, teachers, etc. without any initial costs.

The online course is certifiable. This means that any online participant who, subsequently, wishes to obtain the KNX Partner certificate might attend a 12-hour on-site course offered by any KNX training centre worldwide (instead of the 40-hour classic one).

Futurasmus KNX Group Offers Free Online KNX Basic Course

What can you find in the online KNX Basic Course by Futurasmus?

1. Very didactic video tutorials by KNX qualified and experienced KNX Tutor, covering the full syllabus of the 40-hour course.
2. The complete course documentation in .pdf format to download or read online.
3. Self-assessment questions for further understanding of the course matter.
4. Over 70 online steps that will guide the student through the practical exercises to the last detail. The participant will use the ETS (the Demo version, free of charge, is sufficient) to create a KNX project while, in parallel, matching all ETS actions and settings with the online steps.
5. ETS-Check ©: on top of the mentioned septs, the course includes a unique online tool by Futurasmus that allows students to upload their ETS project on to the training platform in different stages of the training exercises to check whether or not it’s correct so far.
6. Online Simulator with simulated ETS group monitor: to round up the learning experience and make up for not having the real devices, Futurasmus has developed an online simulator for the student to see exactly what has been configured. After each partial exercise (lights, blinds,) and at the end of the project, participants can access the “Futurasmus Loft” and check the operation.

Anything else? Yes.

• Students can see their progress online and will be able to download an attendance certificate. Once obtained, it can be used to attend a 12-hour presential course (including exam) in any training centre worldwide.
• Futurasmus offers a very advantageous training kit (in two different versions) for those (students or training centres) who’d rather follow the practical exercises with real devices at an exceptional price. This is completely optional.

What is in it for other Training Centres?

A lot, actually. This online course has been designed from the beginning as a tool to collaborate with other training centres and associations. Vocational training centres, universities, professional societies and associations and, of course, KNX certified Training Centres can easily join us following a few simple steps and be listed as “Partner Training Centres”.

A ‘virtual classroom’ is then launched under their name. As from this moment, their students, associates, members, etc. only need to choose their ‘Training Centre’ when registering for the first time.

The Partner Training Centre will immediately have access to an online control panel that is very useful to access their student’s contact details and monitor their progress in real time.

In the case of KNX certified Training centres, they will also be able to offer their own 12-hour on-site courses for those students who wish to obtain the official KNX Partner certificate.

This collaboration is completely free of charge; there are no fees whatsoever.

We want to grow together and this is a great opportunity for the KNX community!

Futurasmus is a KNX++ Training Centre, as well as a KNX multi-brand wholesaler and KNX Test Lab. The KNX online course is part of an all-round KNX platform for KNX professionals that you can visit under

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