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Siemens Supports Secure KNX Communication over IP with New Routers and Interfaces

• New IP routers and IP interfaces ensure secure data and access-proof KNX communication over IP
• KNX IP Secure devices meet the highest security requirements in smart buildings
• More flexibility in power supply minimizes KNX bus current consumption

Siemens Smart Infrastructure expands the proven Gamma instabus building system with new IP routers and IP interfaces that support the latest KNX IP Secure standard. This extension of the KNXnet/IP protocol enables fully encrypted transmission of data telegrams, thus ensuring secure data- and access-proof communication between KNX IP routers within a single network.

The new KNX IP Secure devices meet the increasing security requirements of KNX installations in intelligent buildings, which demand secure communication over networks. Security gaps in the building automation are thus avoided and manipulation of systems and equipment is reliably blocked. The new IP routers and IP interfaces ensure the highest data protection standards additionally through access protection via IP networks that effectively augments the conventional mechanical security measures.

The new developments help KNX system integrators and partners to fulfill the requirements of their customers for secure communication within a building or between buildings and for secure remote access. The KNX-specific Engineering Tool Software (ETS) secures both the runtime communication over IP as well as commissioning. Secure commissioning is also possible with the help of the removable device certificate label. This device certificate key, imprinted as a QR code for fast identification, allows the ETS to authenticate the device.

The high data security lends itself to the use of existing data networks for cross-line communications, especially in commercial buildings. A number of benefits and additional options emerge: fast communication between KNX lines, extension of a KNX system beyond a building through the use of LAN and WAN connections, direct transmission of KNX data to every network user, and KNX remote configuration of every network access point.

Last but not least, the new KNX IP Secure devices from Siemens are extremely flexible in terms of power supply. In addition to the conventional 24 V AC/DC power supply, they also support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). This supplementary voltage provides for a minimal KNX bus current consumption of only around 4 mA.

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