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My KNX Store Launches KNX Essentials Guide and KNX Training Booklet

Supporting those new to and already offering KNX control solutions is vital for the continued expansion of the KNX protocol. At My KNX Store we are committed to providing such support, both at a training and project level, and are happy to announce the launch of our KNX Essentials Guide and KNX Training Booklet.

My KNX Store Launches KNX Essentials Guide and KNX Training Booklet

KNX Essentials Guide

One of the main benefits of the KNX protocol is its open protocol infrastructure. Supported by over 450 manufacturers worldwide integrators and system designers can mix and match between manufacturers (for both back and front-end devices) to ensure the desired style of the client is always achieved along with cost-effective system functionality for the contractor.

With having such a wide array of product lines to choose from it can however be a little overwhelming for KNX Partners at the product specification stage, especially when working on the first few projects or when a specific functionality is required. To make this process as easy as possible we have produced our KNX Essentials Easy Shopping Guide. This includes a highlighted range of products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, from pushbuttons, thermostats and touchscreens to power supplies, actuators and PIRs.

Due to the extensive range of configuration options of front-end devices we have also created various product bundles covering a range of colour finishes, configurations and functional capacities. Rather than having to select three or four separate units per complete device you can simply select the desired bundle code and all pre-configured units will be automatically added to your order. A supplier summary is also listed in each category to assist with product selection along with a Help Hints section at the back of the book.

KNX Training Booklet

Our new Training booklet details the 6 courses available at both our Newcastle Head Office and London Training Base. Designed to cater for all levels of experience trainees can easily select the correct course for their current and development requirements. We are proud to hold a 100% pass rate at our Training Academy and offer CPD presentations throughout the UK.

Our Training Book is available free of charge. For further information, included modules, costs and upcoming course dates visit

Practice Test Rig Pack

Included within the launch of our Training Book is the new My KNX Store Practice Test Rig Pack. In addition to training we understand that sometimes there can be a gap between becoming a KNX Partner and the first job completed, or between projects. To help in such cases our practice pack allows KNX Partners to stay hands on with ETS and practice designing and programming a complete project.

Each pack will include a range of actuators allowing lighting control, blind control and heating control along with a multi-functional pushbutton and thermostat. A 10% discount is available to all My KNX Store graduates.

For further information call 0191 497 0777, email or visit

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