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Enertex Announces Availability of KNX IP Secure Interface

Enertex Bayern GmbH redefines the reference class in this product line with the world’s first KNXA-certified KNX IP Secure Interface.

Here in the short overview the most important functions:

– KNX IP Secure
– Eight independent KNXnet / IP tunnel connections
– Communication via TCP or UDP
– KNX IP tunneling in encrypted (secure) and unencrypted (plain) mode.


– LED displays for KNX communication, Ethernet communication and programming mode
– Power indicator
– OLED display for status messages, parameter displays etc.

Special functions

– Configuration via ETS and Telnet
– SNTP server
– Measurement of the TP bus voltage (Telnet, OLED display)
– Maximum TP APDU packet length of the KNX bus (248 bytes)
– Maximum TP packet length adjustable (Telnet) between 55 and 248 bytes (APDU)
– Simulation of UDP tunnels for ETS communication (Telnet)

– Specification of a max. TP data rate for writing KNX telegrams
– Buffering up to 256 telegrams per tunnel (2048 in total) in the device on the IP side
– Buffering up to 1024 telegrams for telegrams from IP to TP

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