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ProKNX Announces realKNX O-two Ceiling Mounted Stand-alone Voice Control System

realKNX – Autonomous Voice Control for Hotel – Private-by-Design

realKNX O-two is a Smart Speaker/Mike for Voice Control in Hotels. It is mounted in the ceiling and unlike competing solutions, the realKNX system is autonomous – all software runs on the device. realKNX O-two does not require Internet or Cloud Services.

ProKNX’s Smart Home Server realKNX Air has evolved into a new product optimized for Voice Control of Hotel and Conference rooms. realKNX O-two is a Ceiling Mounted stand-alone Voice Control system. The Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding is powered by Snips and Artificial Intelligence.

realKNX O-two’s embedded Voice Control is as powerful as the Cloud powered siblings, but as it is optimized for the task it comes with some additional advantages: customization, specialization, privacy and speed.

As all data treatment happens on the unit, it is autonomous. It is fully customizable and new use cases can be developed: from room service to voice-assisted evacuation, all in the client’s preferred language. Privacy is guaranteed; no data is recorded or stored. Anonymous data collection is possible but optional.

The interaction with the device is immediate. When a light or heating device is operated, the signal travels the shortest possible way and stays within the building.

realKNX O-two supports English, French and German. Spanish and Portuguese is under development.

ProKNX SAS is a start-up company specialized in Home Automation solutions based on the worldwide standard KNX. The realKNX and proServ product bundle is developed and marketed by ProKNX. The product is unique with its Plug and Play solution: its user interfaces, charts and voice control services require no configuration. Additionally, it includes augmented reality and graphical programming with Node-RED.

The KNX standard guarantees that all certified products work together. The KNX Association has more than 400 KNX manufacturers in 42 countries and more than 71,000 KNX Partners in 161 countries. KNX provides solutions for all types of home and building automation, from dimmers to shutter control, from motion sensors to thermostats and much more.

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