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Finder Offers 2-Channel Universal KNX Dimmer

The Type 15.2K is a universal dimmer with two channels, each 400 W at 230 V AC, suitable for dimmable LED (100 W); halogen lamps, dimmable CFL lamps and electro-mechanical and electronic transformers.


– Leading and Trailing edge dimming metods selectable via ETS
– Each channel can be manually regulated via 2 buttons on front for increasing or decreasing the brigthness
– Thermal protection and shot-circuit protection
– 72 mm wide (4 modules), 35 mm rail mount
– 2 output 400W 230 V AC
– Nominal lamp rating: – Halogen: 400 W
– dimmable LED: 100 W
– dimmable electronic transformer: 100 W
– LED status indicator for each output
– Scenario Management

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