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Elsner Elektronik Offers Leak KNX Basic to Protect Buildings from Water Damage

When water runs out or overflows inside the building, what counts most is reacting quickly! The leakage sensors “Leak” from Elsner Elektronik help here. They detect and report puddles of water, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or cellar.

The latest model is the “Leak KNX basic”, which is connected directly to the KNX building bus. Thanks to its elegant design, the sensor can also be installed in the visible area. The probe has a diameter of 77 mm and can be screwed to the floor if required.

If there is water between the probes, “Leak KNX basic” sends an alarm message to the bus. In this way, steps for containment can be initiated directly. An acoustic warning combined with a warning on the display of the house or room control centre is useful here, for example. For this purpose, the sensor can send an individual text message which, for example, clarifies which water detector is currently giving an alarm. With a high degree of building automation, valves are closed ideally to prevent further water leakage and owners are also informed of the water alarm while not at home.

Early notification by “Leak KNX basic” is the first step to minimise water damage.

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