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Gira Announces Availability of Alexa Voice Control with Gira X1 and S1

Alexa has fast become part of the furnishings of a smart home, however, it’s a busy bee: It searches the Web for music, reads aloud and gives you the latest weather report. The next logical step was therefore obvious – to control intelligent building functions using Alexa.

Gira makes this possible through the link to its Gira X1 server. This allows you to switch the lights on and off, dim the lights or raise the blinds using your voice. You can access entire scenes with a few commands, for instance: “Alexa, start the cinema light scene”.

Especially convenient: This solution follows the “Plug and Talk” principle, the coupling of the components is quick and uncomplicated.

The Gira S1 remote access module will establish a secure connection from the Alexa Amazon portal to your home. The Alexa voice function is now available in English, French and German.

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