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Apricum Offers Compact IPS640 640mA KNX Power Supply Unit

Compact construction, full remote access, modern diagnostic features, easy handling – the IPS640 is everything one can ask for

With a very small footprint of only 2 units (36mm) our new KNX power supply unit IPS640 with diagnostics is the smallest of its kind for KNX in the the marketplace. The highly-efficient device features an additional auxiliary power output (e.g. to support individual components). Both outputs are overload and short circuit protected. The IPS640 generates a stable KNX system voltage of 30 V DC and the integrated choke decouples the bus line from the auxiliary output. Any desired load distribution on the outputs is possible.

The duo-LED display of the IPS640 indicates the state of the power supply unit and the bus line. The device reset can be triggered over the bus by a communication object or directly at the device by a single button press. All configurations can be done with the ETS software. For diagnostic purposes bus voltage, bus current, device temperature and several times of operation are monitored. Additionally all details (number, duration) on events like short-circuit, overload, load disconnection, device startup and reset are easily accessible.

The info data of the IPS640 can be read out via the KNX bus. It can be sent on demand, at adjustable time intervals and after a certain change in value. It can also be sent after a faulty behaviour event and on crossing a pre-set threshold value. Number and duration of these over threshold events are available information as well. When the IPS640 returns to normal working condition (after bus reset, device startup, short circuit) the readout is sent automatically. The alarm functionality can be used to switch other devices.

All above mentioned features can be activated and deactivated by the user. When activated the IPS640 monitors the values of relevant measurements.

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