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Australasia and New Zealand Choose KNX as Standard for Smart Homes and Buildings

KNX is developing its market position in Australasia even further!

The Australian standards and standardisation organisation STANDARDS Australia has officially declared the world’s leading standard for intelligent building networking, KNX, as the national technical specification. In doing so, the organisation, whose standards are also of significance in New Zealand, acquired key parts of the ISO/IEC 14543-3 standard, under which KNX is already standardised on an international level. KNX is therefore also expanding its position in the market for smart home and smart building solutions in Australasia. And the Australian smart home market is growing rapidly. Analysts even expect it to break the USD 1 billion revenue mark in the coming year.

Australasia and New Zealand Choose KNX as Standard

High level of future security, interoperability and product quality ‘The standardisation in Australia and New Zealand is another important milestone for us. It’s proof of KNX’s future security as a non-proprietary standard and also of the quality of all KNX-certified products,’ commented Franz Kammerl, president of the KNX Association. With respect to international standards, the growth of KNX allows for unprecedented interoperability and communication ability between KNX products, independence from any hardware and software technology and the possibility of integration into existing system landscapes.

Global leaders

KNX meets numerous standards In addition to the most recent standardisation in Australia and New Zealand and standardisation in accordance with the international ISO/IEC 14543-3 standard, KNX is also recognised under the European standards CENELEC EN50090 and CEN EN 13321-1, or CEN EN 13321-2, the Chinese standard GB/T 20965 and the US standard ANSI/ASHRAE 135. Recognition as a technical specification by both international and national standard and standardisation organisations is the highest distinction for technical innovations. Entire markets and manufacturers, system integrators and users orient themselves based on these. As an example, after KNX became the only recognised standard for home and building automation in the Chinese smart building market, the technical protocol became a market leader in this market.

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