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Elsner Elektronik Wins Red Dot Award for Mini-Sewi KNX and Intra-Sewi KNX Sensors

Winning streak does not stop: Further products from Elsner Elektronik win Red Dot Award

The expert jury of the international Design Award “Red Dot” annually awards one of the most prestigious awards companies can receive for their products and ideas. Also in 2018, two products from Elsner Elektronik were again awarded for their high design quality. The successful performance is due to various factors, such as the more than 25 years of experience in the building automation industry, the consistently high product quality, current production technology and qualified employees, who work closely together as a team across departments.

The new interior sensors with presence detection Mini-Sewi KNX and Intra-Sewi KNX were successful in direct comparison to the best in the industry and received one of the coveted Red Dot awards.

Both sensors are used for energy-saving temperature control in buildings, where the automation standard “KNX” is used. With this widespread system, private homes and apartments as well as large commercial properties are being equipped worldwide.

Mini-Sewi KNX and Intra-Sewi KNX measure temperature and humidity and detect if someone is in the room. Accordingly, heating and if present, cooling and ventilation are regulated. With sensor data, light and other building functions can also be controlled conveniently and safely as well as very energy-efficient.

Both sensors are optimized for different requirements: Intra-Sewi KNX is installed in a suspended ceiling or box. Its annular lamellae allow a good air circulation and thus a precise measurement. Due to the low height and the use of real glass, its design meets the requirements of current architecture. Intra-Sewi KNX is available in timeless white and trendy black.

Mini-Sewi KNX, however, is installed on the plaster. Its housing is extremely compact and restrained designed: A room climate sensor for all cases, which fits discreetly into the rest of the ceiling.

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