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Basalte Presents New Asano M3 Multiroom Amplifier at ISE 2018

M3 amplifier expands Asano multiroom audio system

At ISE 2018, Basalte introduces the Asano M3. This amplifier offers two stereo zone outputs (50W per channel) and can support one third-party amplifier. It integrates with KNX through the Basalte music server. Included features are direct Bluetooth streaming, multiple source inputs and custom notifications.

Asano is a decentralised multiroom audio system by Basalte. It brings crystal clear music in every room of a building and directly integrates with KNX. The system combines an unseen flexibility and scalability with a smooth and sleek design. The new M3 amplifier is the latest addition to the Asano amplifier range.


M3 powers 2 stereo zones with an output of 2 x 50W per zone. You can additionally connect a third – party amplifier or surround receiver to the digital SPDIF output. For even more power, you can bridge the two zones into one 2 x 100W output. For more zones, you can also get up to 4 mono zones with a 50W output each.


Thanks to its slim design and elegant look, M3 can easily be put near a source in your home. This helps to reduce cable lengths and costs. You can connect a TV to the optical input and add an analogue source through the 3.5 mm mini jack input (like a CD player, Google Chromecast or an Amazon Echo Dot).

Controls & features

M3 is controlled by the Basalte S4 music server and supports audio-over-Ethernet. This means that every source connected to M3’s inputs immediately becomes a source for all other zones in the Asano system.

You can use the integrated notifications to set pre-recorded audio files as alerts around the house, for example as a doorbell. The integrated Bluetooth receiver lets you connect your phone or tablet to play any song in any Asano zone.

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